Monday, April 13, 2015

Priceline 40% off haul

Last week, I woke up 30 minutes earlier than normal and headed to work so that I could get my ass to the Priceline sale. They had another one of their 40% off all cosmetics sale. Who knew that Priceline would be super packed at 8am in the morning? Females frantically grabbing cosmetics, swatching their arms and getting frustrated in the long line to pay because they were going to be late to work. I guess I wasn't the only one who thought of going before work to grab all the goodies. Luckily for me, I grabbed everything I wanted, got served by a lovely lady and left Priceline within 10 minutes.

I had a small list in my mind and told myself not to browse the shelfs because I know myself. I know I would just cave and grab everything new and double up on all my favourites. My original list consisted of the Australis Velourlips and the Stay Put Foundation.

My pink shopping basket consisted of:

- The newest colours in the Australis Velourlips range (Doo-Bai, Shang-Hai, Buda-Pash, Bar-Tha-Lona, Ro-Ma). I have all the other colours so it is necessary to complete the collection. Besides, Bar-Tha-Lona is absolutely spectacular. A full post will be coming up soon.

- Face of Australia Face Base Primer. My HG primer. I thought I might as well grab a backup since I know I will be using and finishing it.

- Australis Stay Put Foundation in Natural Tan and Golden Tan. I'm currently using Golden Tan and I cannot compliment this foundation enough. The formula works very well with my skin but now that winter is approaching and my tan is fading, I needed a lighter shade and that's why I grabbed Natural Tan as well.

- Essence Lipliner (Satin Mauve, Wish Me a Rose, In The Nude). So cheap! They came down to $1.20 each. I mean, the RRP of $2 is already cheap but when it's $1.20, I had to grab all that was left. I'm greedy like that.

- Essence Ultra Strong Nail Hardener because I'm out of base coats and my nails have been very brittle since I've been back in Aus.

- Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat had me at sans light. I've never had gel nails before (or acrylics, shellac or a manicure at a store for a matter of fact) but I've always admired my friends and co-workers with chip-free nails. My nail polish always chips within 1-2 days even with a top coat. I've tried everything from OPI to Seche Vite, Essie, Sally Hansen to China Glaze and nothing seems to ever work for me. I'm really hoping this Gel Top Coat will work for me. It's meant to be paired with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Colour but I couldn't justify buying that when I've got hundreds of polishes at home so I will be using it without it's coloured partner. Fingers crossed.

In total, I spent

Beauties, did you go to the Priceline sale? What did you grab?

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