Sunday, March 8, 2015

Lush launches new Solid Shampoo Bars

Lush has just launched 5 new Shampoo Bars to their existing collection. So what is a Shampoo Bar I hear you ask and why do I advocate for them so much? They are literally what the name says - Shampoo in a bar form. They are compact, light, concentrated, economical and naked.
Naked? Meaning there is no plastic packaging to reduce landfill. One bar lasts around 80-90 washes which is around three 200mL shampoo bottles. If every one switched over to shampoo bars, how much of a difference would that make to the environment?

I've been using Lush's Soak and Float Solid Shampoo Bar since it first got launched around 5 years ago and it has changed my life. For years, I trialled product after product hoping to help my dandruff problem but nothing seemed to work. Despite the weird bushfire smell of Soak and Float, I saw results fairly quickly and I haven't changed shampoos since.

Image from Lush website. 

These are the 5 new bars:

Honey I Washed My Hair
Does this name sound familiar? That's because it has the same scent as their top selling soap 'Honey I Washed The Kids'. It contains fair-trade honey to soften and moisturise the hair without flattening it.

It contains andiroba oil, which is an ingredient from the Brazillian rainforest and entirely new to Lush. Andiroba oil and orange oil will strengthen and condition the hair.

Jason and the Argan Oil 
As suggested in the name, this bar is packed with argan oil for stronger, shinier and softer hair. Suitable for lighter hair tones.

Okay stop. This bar contains poppy candy. I don't know if this actually does anything for the hair but who cares? POPPING CANDY! It also has sicilian, lemon oil, olives and rosemary to make hair squeaky clean and super shiny.

With coffee and melted henna, which is known for colouring hair, this bar is suitable for those with coloured locks. Although it won't actually colour your hair, it will assist in conditioning and bringing out the tones in treated dark hair.

I have probably gone through 10 bars of Soak and Float. I love taking them travelling because they are small and solid so it can easily go in my carry on bag. My dandruff has been under control for a while now so I thought I should try another bar. I picked Jason and the Argan Oil because I personally love argan oil on my hair. My hair is really dry from all the bleach and argan oil makes it so soft and silky so why not use a shampoo with argan oil in it? I also love the smell. Has anyone used the Rose Jam body wash because Jason and the Argan Oil is the same scent. I've yet to use it but I will do a review when I do! 

 Top: Jason and the Argan Oil
Bottom: Soak and Float

There are 13 different shampoo bars, each one targeting a different hair problem from oily hair and roots, dry hair to hormonal hair loss. They are $13.95 each. Lush also has a solid conditioner bar. 

Have you tried any of these Lush Shampoo bars? What do you think?

Disclaimer: All products were purchased at my own expense. I was not paid or sponsored for this post. All opinions are honest, my own and have not been influenced in any way. Unless stated, images are my own or provided by Lush PR. 

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  1. My hair roots are on the oilier side while my ends are more dry even though I've never coloured my hair. I've never tried any Lush Shampoo bars but you make it sound promising. and I wouldn't mind checking it out the next time I'm at the mall! :)