Friday, January 16, 2015



It feels weird that I have to reintroduce myself. But I guess it is necessary since I am now posting under a new blog name and domain.

My name is Amanda. I'm 22, a PR student from Sydney and I have an obsession with all things beauty.
And travel.

I blogged under the name Thai Tales for almost 5 years. In early 2014, I got bored of my blog name so I decided to change it. Little did I know, all my old blog posts and links would not redirect to my new domain. My blog pretty much vanished in the online world in a click. I tried many times to fix it but it just didn't happen for me. That really demotivated to continue blogging since my blog's incoming traffic plummeted to nothing. RIP Thai Tales.

It is now 2015. So, what better way for me to fill up my time being unemployed than with a new blog? Thai Tales was a beauty blog with a tiny bit of fashion but this new blog will be about beauty and travel.

Why beauty?
It is what I know and what I feel comfortable with writing about. I also have a crap load of beauty products that I love photographing, reviewing and recommending.

Why travel?
I've travelled my whole life but I never thought I could write about it. Not until my recent trip to Europe where I had to learn a lot of things the hard way. There were many things which I wish I knew. So why not blog about it to inform others to make their lives a bit easier?

I also like that it shows two sides of me.

The beauty blogger - who fan girls over the release of a new Lush collection, who doesn't think twice when spending $50 on a Nars blush, who buys yet another coral lipstick even though there are 30 of them sitting in her draw, who purchases limited edition products for the packing. The beauty blogger, who can instantly tell what colour MAC lipstick someone is wearing, who changes her nail polish every 3 days and the beauty blogger who rarely leaves home without her brows on.

Then, there is the traveller, the backpacker - who sleeps on train station floors and on the side of the road in the middle of the night while waiting for a bus, who doesn't care that she has to share a room with 11 other guys, who wears the same clothes for 3 days straight, who prefers to walk 6km than pay $2 for a bus ride, who only eats vegetables and hummus because she can't afford meat. The backpacker who doesn't shave her legs for 6 weeks, who allowed another traveller she just met to cut off all her hair and the backpacker who is comfortable doing her business in a cave next to a donkey.

I hope that my blog becomes of use to you, whether it is with beauty or travel. The way I write is very easy, simple and casual (I call it baby language because it's very basic) but I hope that it provides you with the information that you are after.


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  1. Oh my god, I finally found your blog again! Can I just say, despite not knowing you in real life, I've really enjoyed getting to know what you're like on social media as creepy as that sounds. All your travel snaps were amazing to open everyday and it felt so heartwarming, like I was opening the snaps of a friend! Really hope I haven't scared you LOL
    I'm really excited for this new direction your blog is taking, keep at it girl! c:

    p.s. I changed my blog name too and it was a nightmare! Took me ages to try and configure everything! Technology is NOT my strong suit.

    Chloé⎪ status.chlo (previously à la foliee)